Do you spend thousands of Euros each year on migraine treatment without receiving proper help? Does your doctor use medical terms that you don’t understand? We promise that your migraine treatment costs will be at least halved, you will be able to enjoy your life fully and your sick leave from work will shrink to nothing. We speak a language you understand.
Who we are?

Who we are?

Blue Bear Migraine Clinic is a clinic specializing in manual pain relief for migraines and other difficult neurological diseases.
Our clinics are located in Helsinki city center and Matinkylä, Espoo, Finland.

Our customers

Our customers

Our typical customer has been suffering from migraines for quite some time. We have extensive experience dealing with severe chronic migraines in addition to other diseases.
We also have customers with milder migraines, but almost all our customers are frustrated and unsatisfied with the results of previous attempts to treat their migraine.
Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe in patient centered care. Your story is unique and needs to be heard.
The first time you come to our clinic, we will go through your story, background, your disease and problems. We then carry out an examination and share the findings with you without the professional jargon. If there are no contraindications, we will proceed with manual migraine treatment.

MIGRAINE RAPID® Migraine care

Is your current life filled with migraine medication and are you constantly fighting with repetitive migraine attacks? Are you away from work too often and does your doctor seem to be speaking in medical terms that you don’t understand? You urgently need help from a medical professional who fully understands the clinical picture of a migraine, and who treats you holistically instead of just concentrating on your symptoms. With us you will not only receive manual migraine care but also good self care skills that have been tested not only in day to day life but also in extreme circumstances on the battlefield.



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