Do you spend thousands of Dollars/Euros each year on migraine treatments without getting results you want? We promise to change that and offer permanent change for good.
Who we are?

Who we are?

Blue Bear Migraine clinic is a small luxury migraine getaway specializing in manual migraine care and training our clients to use Migraine Survivor self-care method.

Our HQ is located in Helsinki city center. Our Finnish-American staff make sure your stay with us is successful and memorable also out of the treatment sessions.

Our customers

Our customers

Our typical international customer is well educated, successful career woman, world class athlete or high profile person who has been suffering from migraines for quite some time. Our clients wants only the best and they demand top notch fast positive solutions. Most of our clients are suffering from severe chronic migraines and they are also highly motivated to discover power of effective self-care method.
Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe in only strong positive results and  permanent changes. That is why we heavily focuse on not just treatment sessions but introducing our clients into the world of effective and easy self-care. Thanks to this approach, our clients need less than 50% professional care than our competititors can offer.

The first time you come to our clinic, we will go through your story, background, your disease and problems. We then carry out an examination and share the findings with you without the professional jargon.


MIGRAINE RAPID® Migraine care

Is your current life filled with migraine medication and are you constantly fighting with repetitive migraine attacks? Are you away from work too often and does your doctor seem to be speaking in medical terms that you don’t understand? You urgently need help from a medical professional who fully understands the clinical picture of a migraine, and who treats you holistically instead of just concentrating on your symptoms. With us you will not only receive manual migraine care but also good self care skills that have been tested not only in day to day life but also in extreme circumstances on the battlefield.


Discover How To Take Control Over Your Body, Mind And Health From Migraine Naturally.
Blue Bear -Migraine Clinic

Jaakonkatu 3 B 7th floor
Regus Business Centre

00100 Helsinki

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Mon-Fri: 8.00-20.00
Sat: 9.00 – 18.00​​

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