Life of Migraine Survivor can be as fun as you want it to be. Of course we all have our ups and down, valleys and hills, dark corners and sunlight….ok I think you got the picture 😉

Seriously, being a Migraine Survivor is a lifestyle choice. You are giving the commands, at least most of the time, not the migraine. Yep it’s very much possible. Ok, Jyrki, wise a… how the hell is that possible? Ok, You have to start somewhere and your start is that you knowledge that you have a migraine but you don’t let to be a commander of your life. You really need to say it loud and clear each morning, each day and evening and when shit…sorry…migraine it trying to screw your day or night, you also need to challenge migraine mentally by saying; “screw this, I’m not gonna let you dictate my life. I’m going to kick your damn ass migraine!”Harsh words? Maybe but you really need to start to take overal mental winning position here. You can also say things like: “I love my life, go somewhere else migraine!” or “I’m gonna kick you to the balls!”, “Haha, is that really the best you can do? You ain’t gonna topple me!”….you can of course find the most suitable words and sentences yourself but here’s just a few examples what you may use. When I was facing the hardest time from migraine’s part in my life several years ago, I literally started to laugh and saying things like; “Ha, try me sucker! That’s a louzy attempt!”

It may sound a bit childish or funny to do things like this but it’s a very usefull and effective technique to welcome migraine to where the sun never shine also verbally. It gives you a cool power and helps you to go over the bad moments more easier. When you start to practice breathing exercices, cold therapy and manual self-care I’m teaching, you pretty soon gonna laugh migraines attempts like hell and have fun while kicking it away from your life. So, welcome to life of Migraine Survivor my friend! Have fun! 🙂

Life of Migraine Survivor